History & Milestones

Wild thought, why not a journal entry among buyers and sellers ?

Instrumental in floating a factoring Company. But did not take off as it was a new concept and not supported by banks.

Again a wild thought that nettingoff is possible because of penetration of internet. But then the idea could not take off due to non stabilisation of internet technologies, and also cost associated with the technology.

A solace is that the idea is implementable because Dr Raghuram Rajan, the then finance secretary coined TReDS.

Dr Raghuram Rajan as reserve bank governor has initiated steps to bring TReDS exchange.

Even though Invoice2Cash idea belongs to same family of TReDS it was a wait and watch policy to see the results of TReDS exchange.

3 TReDS exchanges have come up in India by now, but their output is not up to the expectations. And MSME’s are still suffering from working capital shortage.

September 2018.
With the advent of matured internet technology, coupled with secured networks and availability of effective software and security applications it was decided to launch the India’s first alternative working capital mechanism “Invoice2Cash”

December 5th 2018
A legal private limited company was formed “Anupindi Invoice2Cash Facilitators Private Limited“ to take off the project to the next heights.